Monday, April 16, 2012

I just couldn't stay away!!

You know, I just couldn't stand being away from all the drama and entertainment that IS retail. So, I quit my mediocre paying 8-5 to have flexible underpaid hours working again at the retail job here in my town. And now, we can ALL be entertained!! Yippy!

I tried asking for more money but as I joked about the $25/hour I would like to get paid, my manager informed me that he (who has been there for 6-8 years) doesn't even get that..........LOTS to look forward to in upper management!!

And here we go...

I'm in "training" and staying up at the customer ass wiping service desk. This is a place that I wouldn't send my worst enemy on a good day. It's where everyone who is entitled gets to grace us with their presence and they are never ever EVER wrong. And , my store helps them feel just that way.....ass kissers.

I digress. I am manning the battle stations when this cute little old lady walks in. I greet her with a smile and "Hi! How are you?". She greets me back with.....a look of shock and awe with the deepest judgement and the following interaction ensues.

Lady: "You guys are open on Easter Sunday???!!!!!!!"

Me: "I believe so. I haven't heard anything differently.' -Insert cheesy grin from moi.

Lady: "I just can't believe that you guys are open on Easter."

Me: "Yes. We are."

Lady: "Well, you guys are one day going to pay for this."

Me: Blank stare followed with a half giggle half are-you-really-saying-this grin.

Lady: "It's just sad. I can't believe this."

Me: Dumbfounded grin.

Lady: Well, I'm off to find some things! Have a great day!

First off....I am not working at this job because they are the Chic-fil-a of home product stores. I just recently found out that company is run by Jewish people. Who cares?!! I mean, it worth telling someone that they are going to burn in hell and pay for the sins of your company opening on such a sacred holiday?! I mean don't get me wrong...I'm Christian and Easter Sunday is the most important holiday for my faith. But geeeeezzzz! I will not pay for my store being open on Easter Sunday. I will in fact live a long happy life working for nominal ducats at a store that stays open on most major holidays.

Heathen in training signing off!
2:44:00 PMby Reta IL

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