Tuesday, April 26, 2011

not understanding.....

ok. so.

today we are not discussing any stories of awkward awesome people I've come in contact with recently....cause trust me...there are PLENTY!! We are talking about sheer stupidity of the CYA policy in the workforce and how a manager's laziness is my mistake.

so, early last week I filled out the proper forms to request an upcoming saturday this month off. I had prior plans that I needed to have the day off for. Fill out said paperwork. Put said paperwork into the proper spot for requesting leave. Wait for schedule to come out.

Now tell me this; if I am supposed to follow a certain procedure for acquiring days off, shouldn't I get those days off if requested in a proper time frame??


I checked the schedule when I got to work the other day and I was in fact scheduled to work on the day I needed off. Ok....notice this and talk to SM about it. He says talk to my immediate manager.

I did. She said she'd look at it.

She didn't.

Talk to another manager last night.

He says to get someone to cover my shift.

Excuse much?!! I did what I needed to do to get the day off and now because my manager flubbed up I am responsible for finding a replacement for my 8 hours shift on said saturday?!! You've. Got. To be. Kidding? This manager also tells me that instead of putting the request forms for days off in the spot designated for them, hand it directly to my immediate manager. Ummmmm I ain't no overly edumacated genious or anythang but I'm perty sure that's a bit confusin.

"Policy".  What's that?

I look at the schedule to find out who is NOT working saturday that could possibly fill in for me and whaddya know...only 1 other person could possibly take my shift...and quite frankly, she's not very good at her job (I just the other day had to show her how to work the computer and she has been there a YEAR!! Me....not even 2 months.) Why would I replace her with me? Gonna try anyways but will most likely have to reschedule my previous saturday plans for another day.

MY MISTAKE for having a life. I should have known better than to have a life outside of retail. What was I thinking??

Hey...lets look on the bright side!! Apparently hours are scarce these days and the fact that they scheduled me for 8 says something right??

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