Monday, April 18, 2011

Yes! Allow me! I have no other life than this.

ok. so my hero who spent almost $1000 in our store will have to wait for another day. it's wickedly awesome though.

Enter "that lady" with "that 12 year old princess daughter". This is the lady who comes in looking for a kitchen towel only to be bugged by daughter who sees all kinds of things to purchase that mom never says no to. So glad I was there with my "Can I help you find something?" lying in wait. I don't really feel this way most days, but this particular day I was in no mood to mess around with idiot people.

This wonderful day I had the AWESOME privilege of being alone on the floor during a saturday rush hour job. Seriously. Don't train me on the computer, throw me out on the floor and expect me to "get it". As they looked over the comforter sets, I asked them if they needed help. They said "No. We're fine." Naturally I let them alone. Then along comes an equally indecisive woman demanding help in the pillow room. I was paged over the walkies for this one. OOOOOOO! I'm special.

So, as I look up the very rare and only online specific pillow she is needing and attempt to answer their obviously uuberly important pillow questions, I see the 12 year old approaching. At this point I had called the SM over to answer this obscure question asked by pillow queen. This woman had no clue what she was asking and only asked this question to make it look like she knew what the hell she was looking for. She didn't. Not one little iota of knowing anything about the pillow. So, the SM answers her questions by what seems to me to be a load of b.s....but who am I do judge? He's had the "class"...I have not. While the SM takes over pillow talk.....ewwwww that brings all kinds of gross thoughts...I step aside to help the adorable little brat girl needing assistance.

What does this 12 year old need? A comforter set. From where you might ask? Just the very top row of the clearance section of comforters. Very top means like 15 feet tall walls....maybe even 20...I'm not good with judging height, or maybe I just like to exaggerate. Either way. Add to that the mother's knowing that the one I am getting down is the incorrect size. They just want to get a better look at the set so her daughter can get a better idea of what it really looks like. Ok. I understand.

So I go get the gigantic awkwardly rolling dangerous ladder to get up to the top shelf of clearance. No problem really because remember? I'm ladder certified.

The comforter set is brought down and her daughter looks at it for what seems like hours and then decides she wants to see if we have it in the right size. No problem. I'll go look it up on the computer that I am oh so trained on. I grab the comforter and head towards the computer. After much trial and error on the computer, (obviously due to  my sheer stupidity because I HAVE been trained on the computer...what with my log in info and all) I ask the SM to show me what I need to do to look up this particular comforter in a different size without the UPC or SKU on hand.

Yea! Some actual learning time/training from the best person suited to show me. Wait....what are you doing Mr. SM?? Why are you logging into YOUR Store Manager account? Why are you telling me that "You can't do it this way because my log in has different stuff and you're not allowed, but this is the fastest way to find what you're looking for."

What. The. Hell?? You throw me out here by myself, don't give me a computer number, 2 second training and THEN you show me way to look something up that I CAN'T DO?!!! That's a great way to run a store. Great. Thanks for the awesome lesson. You're stellar.

But hey, the comforter set was located and I brought said information back to the mom and 12 year. They chatted about it as I stood there holding the big awkward queen sized comforter complete with pillows, shams and sheets all wrapped in a plastic bag. Daughter looks at it again. They discussed going to the proper store to get the right size. Chatted some more about color and style. I sat there some more whilst holding said comforter. The daughter texted. Mom just stood there. I just stood there. 30 minutes had seriously gone by. Then the daughter asked THIS question....

"Can I see that one way up there?"

This was my saturday. 5 more hours of hell working for minimum wage baby!

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