Tuesday, April 19, 2011

whatever do you need THAT for??

**disclaimer. I in no way shape or form prejudice against whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, lesbians, gays and anyone else in between. Just needed to share that for fear of someone misinterpreting this post.*

zoning. this is a constant thing we do at "shall remain nameless". this includes straigthening the towel room because apparently the refolding of towels eludes 99% of people. the rug room as well needs a constant watchful eye....cause if you don't, those rugs, well, they just JUMP right off the shelves and onto the floor without warning! I mean really! They remove themselves from the abundance of fellow matching rugs and simply plaster themselves on the floor. Like I said, without warning most times. So, we have to keep a close eye and tight reign on those suckers. The display room is the best room to zone. This is where you will find your matching shower curtains and rugs as well as the bath accessories to go along with it. Oh and the bath clearance section. Somehow, this section just gets torn up. What is it about this room that just breeds chaos and the incessant need to pull everything off the shelves, throw it back on a different shelf, swim through the clearance and the leave the wreckage all over the floor, push back all the decorative towels and overall, run through there with your hand out seeing what falls next?!

ANYWAYS!! This particular day I was zoning in said room. They train you that every once in a while when doing a project, zoning etc, you should stick your head out of the room and find customers to annoy greet. As I am approaching the aisle, I notice a short, cute, super skinny hispanic boy sprinting towards the front of the store turning his head this way and that obviously in search of something. So naturally, being the GOTAPEN dutiful employee of "shall remain nameless", I follow him towards the front. As I approach him in his panicked state I ask the appropriate "Is there something I can help you find today?" To which he replies in the highest girly little voice I've ever heard come out of an early 20's male mouth, "YES! I need lotion."

You need WHAT? -my thoughts as I look around the NOT b.ath and b.ody w.orks store.

"I am sooooo needing some lotion right now."

"Ok, well our very limited lotion selection is right this way."

"Oh pahhhhleeeease tell me you have foot lotion!"

"Why, yes we do. We have either the set right here, or just these small little individual tubes right here." (Imagine Vana White here people. I was workin the lotion angle cause boy needed some lotion BIG TIME!)

"Ok. Ok. This will work. Thanks."

Now, picture if you will this short, skinny, cute little gay hispanic boy with a voice to match bouncing around the end cap while I point out the lotions we have (or don't have). It serisouly reminded me of when someone needs to pee really badly and thy just can't stop hopping.....oh you know what I'm talkin about. Well, boy needed some lotion and if I let my morbid beastly mind wander....well, that's just not a pretty picture folks. I just never really thought lotion was such an urgent matter. My mistake!!!

Our encounter lasted all of 1 minute and the boy sprinted off towards the register with his much needed foot lotion and I go back to my zoning.

another interesting encounter with today's consumers.

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