Thursday, April 21, 2011

When husband's away, I talk the sales assiciates ear off

in the world of retail, you always meet some interesting people. ummm duh! Thus this blog I've started only after 5 weeks of working in the field and I have loads and loads of ammo for said blog. so today we are going to discuss the "chatty cathy's" I have encountered thus far. there are 2 particular women who come to mind when I think about overly enthusiastic and uuberly talkative consumers.

first lady shall be called "Loquacious". L was a nice little lady. She was lurking looking around the drapery section one day as I was making my GOTAPEN rounds around my half of the store. I asked the proverbial question "Can I help you find something today?" to which she replied with more than i ever expected in the form of a verbal novel. This novel started with how the curtains she was purchasing may or may not work for her guest room because she is redoing her guest room. Oh but wait....there's more. 30 minutes more of the stories she felt I needed to hear that day. I found out this lady had a 12 year old daughter (and a son but we didn't discuss him) and her daughter's room was decorated once with a bright pink motif but now that she is 12 she had matured to the oh so grown up aqua blue leopard print that she found really cheap at K.ohls. She loves K.ohl's and finds great deal on just about anything she needs there. Her daughter is rather sassy and the aqua blue leopard fits her demonstrative personality rather well so she was thrilled that she found it so cheaply as her daughter often changes her mind a lot. Glory days! she suggested I too go get the same fo my sassy daughter. The quest room however needs some work. Thus the curtains. On second thought, what if she redid her master bedroom and moved the curtains from her room down to the guest room where the treadmill was? The treadmill didn't get much use but it was still needed because once every blue moon her husband would use it and the only place for it was the downstairs guest room. So, the only other problem to fix would be the new comforter set she would have to buy for her room because if she got the new curtains she wanted for her room, the valences/curtains she had in her room would work great in the guest room. But since they JUST redid the master bathroom, she would need something to coordinate with those new colors. A pretty brown and green style with European themes. OH NO!! She forgot about the velvety green chaise lounge that was in her room by the window and that matched her now master comforter perfectly. Drats!! More to rethink. The green would be a hard green to match. She would have to bring the pillow from the lounge to see if the 17 comforters she found that she liked would match the pillow. ORRR she could move the chaise lounge down to the guest room and totally get different colors in the master. See, she LOVES to rearrange and redecorate ESPECIALLY when her husband is out of town. Which, he would be leaving that very next weekend. Jackpot! She was so very excited and now just needed a way to move the furniture so that she could have the guest room be her old master stuff and then.........

........I think I stopped listening. Cause at this point L and I had made it from draperies, to the comforter room to all over the comforter room to back to the draperies where I saw the valences she had chosen and the curtains she was thinking of for the guest room if she didn't redo her room but she really wanted to so these curtains would work for her new room depending on the comforter choice. We went back to the comforters to contemplate all the other choices she has because her husband was to be gone and she would go buy stuff while he was gone. Was she punishing him? I have no clue. Bored perhaps...who knows. But she seriously talked to me for about 30-45 minutes without stopping and I THINK I got one sentence in during the word vomit marathon.

Phew....I was going to write about the other lady who wanted to hash out her awkward window and how she didn't know what kind of draperies or even the rods to use for the windows. All I could think was that  looking at her talk about it made me want to just hug her. Odd reaction but she just seemed so depressed and she was so very hopeful that making this window pretty would better her life in some way. But, on second thought, I'm exhausted just rehashing Loquacious and her drama life.

i am here but to make you feel better about yourself. you're welcome.

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  1. No it this time. This is HILARIOUS! Keep it up girl! You are great at blogging.....writing. Seriously...great! I'll be reading....I'm hooked. Rock it girl!
    ~Valerie King (your favorite friend from Dunn Elementary)